Interview with the CEO

Will Joy, the founder and CEO of BarBiz joined us for an interview.

What inspired you to make BarBiz?
I thought it would be really cool to give bartenders a place exclusively for them.

What will BarBiz offer that other social media platforms don’t already?
Since BarBiz is specifically targeting the food and drink service industry, we can cater the application to please a specific customer base. Our app’s purpose will be strictly to improve the life of bartenders and bar patrons.

When can we expect BarBiz to go live?
We intend to release in 2018 with apps for iOS and Android. Creating a product people will love is a tough business, and I won’t release it until it’s ready, even if that means a delay.

How can I get in touch?
You can email the team at


Creator of BarBiz, lover of all things related to drink service, and happy to provide a space for bartenders.


  1. BarBiz is looking good! It’s gonna be cool I think.

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